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Author: Dustin Rogers

The Savior Holds Our Tears

KC had a baby boy, her heart was filled with joy, and she had the family of her dreams But, in the twinkling of an eye her body couldn’t stem the tide the stroke impaled her perfect scene   And she cried…and she cried…and she asked why a thousand times But she stood with faith amidst the fear and her Savior holds her tears   Wipes and Diapers, Thomas trains, the crib was up the room arranged and Precious couldn’t wait to meet her son. But suddenly the movement stopped and with it ceased his beating heart, this stillness...

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Still Waters

I’m walking beside still waters; the pasture is green and the water is fine I don’t have a worry in the world; ‘cause You are my God and I am Your child   I will not fear the evil for you are with me through the valley of the shadow of death Your voice and your staff they comfort me leading me on the paths of righteousness   *Chorus O The Lord is my Shepherd—my cup overflows God, You are my Savior—You’re making me whole—You restore my soul—You’re making me whole   His table is set before me; my...

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Sacred Dreams

Close your eyes but not your mind Go to sleep to what’s in front or behind Drift away and leave the noisy now And come along with me For you WILL want to see…so come with me   Imagination take your flight To a place that’s beautiful and bright It’s a land no longer wanting for light ‘Cause Jesus shines up there In Glory beyond compare   *Chorus It’s a Sacred Dream It’s a sweet Oasis for Me So Heavenly   See the World unbound by the Fall Share a laugh with loved ones—sweet memories recall See the Church...

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Despair (Psalm 42)

I am forgotten, a stranger to the grace of your presence My Savior. O hear my refrain All the loneliness surrounds like a weary autumn rain and I wonder if I’ll ever see the sun again.   All of your breakers and all of your waves have submerged me with sorrow and threaten my end While the enemy rises and his taunts ride the wind and I’m harried and carried and soon to descend   *Chorus   O tears you are my friend and my insecurity is my closest companion O praise where have you gone? I was singing...

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O How I Love Your Name

Verse 1: Jesus the very thought of you O sweetness fills my chest; But sweeter far Your face to view, and in Your presence rest. No voice can sing, no heart can tell, nor can my memory ever find A sweeter sound than Your blest name, Oh, Savior of mankind. Chorus: Oh, how I love Your name! It is the name I love to hear. The sweetest name on earth. It sounds like music in my ear …It is the name I love to hear Verse 2: Oh hope of every contrite heart, Oh, joy of all the weak,...

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